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About EAS


Since 2005, the Egyptian American School has been accredited by COGNIA, the North central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), all of who are accreditation divisions of Cognia. EAS prides itself on achieving higher evaluation results by the Cognia team of evaluators with each and every accreditation renewal visit. Additionally, we have consecutively held our school-wide license with the Egyptian Ministry of Education without interruption.


The Egyptian American School is a leader in the global education reform movement in Egypt. Our school community is comprised of dedicated educators, mentors, family members, and students who are committed to changing education in Egypt and setting a new global standard of global education practices. Together, we are committed to nurturing personalities and cultivating life-long learners who collectively are able to tackle any challenge and endeavor with style, ease, and grace. EAS is dedicated to raising a culture of respectful and responsible globally minded citizens who will flourish as their ownership of the changing world increases with every day that passes

The Egyptian American School offers two uniquely tailored approaches to education: ‘THE AMERICAN DIVISION’ and ‘THE INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) DIVISION. Both divisions start with a solid foundation built in our KINDERGARTEN DEPARTMENT, making it our students’ second home. Not only do we build a foundation of strong academic skills, but humanitarian skills and critical thinking skills as well. We also blend them with adaptation and resilience skills too.

About EAS


Our spacious gardens are home to fields of precious memories made over several generations and for more to follow. Our indoor and outdoor facilities impact our students’ health and education. Students have access to multiple computer labs and science labs along with the visual arts room and the school library where they can take their learning to the next level in a different setting. EAS has soccer fields, a volleyball court, a handball court, and a basketball court in order for our young champions to enjoy different sports while at school.

Our Vision

Our school vision is to enrich all stakeholders and community with a generation that is able to face future challenges by being self-confident, creative, and independent leaders with a keen sense of global awareness.

Our Mission

To produce a creative and self-motivated diverse generation of global citizens who are ready to face the challenges of the future while instilling a backbone of cooperation, self-reflection and growth, combined with loyalty in a safe learning environment.


EAS whole heartedly believes in…authenticity, gratitude, integrity, loyalty, and respect.


Each student is unique!

Because we understand that every student has particular needs that need to be met in order to help them excel and succeed, our classes can be described as ‘Student Centered’ and ‘Inquiry Based’ in addition to cross curricular projects and events that take learning and applying knowledge and competitive skills to a whole new level. We utilize differentiated Instructions and personalized learning as well as active learning while promoting students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills Our students enjoy many schools based clubs and groups such as:

  • Model United Nations Group (EAS MUN)

  • The Spirit of Giving Charity Group

  • Math is for Everyone Club

  • The Mad Scientist Club

  • And our famous Reading Club

Our school works along with and adopts programs from several international publishers such as McGraw Hill, HMH, and Pearson in addition to adopting the new artificial intelligence based Reading Program ‘AMIRA’ that works with each young learner individually as a private reading tutor.

Students who graduate from the EAS have the knowledge, resilience, and skills behind them to choose from different post-high school graduate paths rather than just being limited to one. 99% of our graduates go onto continue their studies in universities. Of these graduates, an average of 24% continue their higher education studies abroad (in the United States, Canada, Germany, Malaysia and England). Most of these students receive scholarships and financial aid through the help of the EAS administrative team. The other 76% attend local private and public universities including AUC, GUC, and Alexandria University. Our graduates also hold records for the highest Ministry of Education check point exam scores, SAT, ACT, and EST scores in Alexandria too. INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE DIVISIO


INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE DIVISION The EAS IB division is designed for those who are looking for an intellectually and personally transformative learning journey that nurtures our students while cultivating an educational journey tailored to exceed the changing world we live in. By applying the ‘IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning’, along with the ‘IB Learner Profile’ our target, we manage to raise principled, caring individuals who are also inquirers, open-minded, knowledgeable, thinkers, risk-takers, communicators, balanced, and reflective