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Interactive learning that keeps growing across all subjects!

In today’s day and age, the use of technology is essential, even more so now compared to a couple of years ago. Long before this, our team of educators and leadership foresaw this need. With the consistent pursuit of innovative and interactive resources, the EAS partners with it’s trusted textbook publishers to bringing the real-life application to our kids.

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Standardized test prep on a whole new level!

Beginning with the early learning stages, we condition our kids to weather any kind of storm that comes their way.Our curriculum’s horizontal and vertical alignment paired with multiple test taking strategy practice makes our kid’s seasoned professionals in this field!


New reading programs for Kindergarten through grade 3!

When our kids love learning, it allows them to travel to imaginary lands where they will be inspired to change the world into a better place! Combining powerful practices with a diverse new approach to reading, the implementation of our new at home and at school interactive reading program will take our kids to a whole new level! Our goal is for every child, regardless of their age is to LOVE reading! This program builds the student’s self-confidence through a variety of proven effective strategies.